About Us
Ainsley Whelan, the owner of Jewel Gallery has extensive experience in all aspects of the Jewellery Industry. After completing her Trade Certificate in 2001 (Jewellery Trade), Ainsley went on to qualify as a Jewellery Designer, Gemmologist and Diamond Grader.
For over 16 years Ainsley has transformed the resources of the earth into objects of unique beauty. Precious metals and stones are used to create jewellery of classic and contemporary design. 

Ainsley and her team bring exceptional quality and service and will assist you in choosing the perfect design whatever your concept may be.

Together with gems from all over the world we stock a vast range of Baltic Amber.

what is amber?
Amber is a fossilised tree sap, scientifically classified as resin. Evidence suggests that Baltic Amber was produced by coniferous trees which existed in sub-tropical forests some 30-60 million years ago. This tree is called the Baltic Amber Pine or Pinus Succinifera. This species does not exist today. Tree sap needs at least 20 million years to become Amber. In this time the oil content is reduced, it becomes harder and turns into a polymer.

Amber is found in about 200 places throughout the world in many varied forms. Succinite, or Baltic Amber is the type used by the Polish people for making jewellery. This Amber is around 30-60 million years old. The largest known piece weighs 9.75 kilos and was found near Stettin in Poland in 1860. It now sits at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.

Amber has a hardness of 2-3 on Moh's scale.
amber colours
Cognac Amber
The cognac amber ranges from very light, pale yellow to dark red, brown. The cognac colour comes from absorbing the elements it rests with while fossilising in the earth.

Green Amber
The green coloured amber is really due to a clever way of working amber. The Amber craftsman chooses a stone with a light honey colour which has a slight green hue. The green colour is emphasised by leaving the outside crust of the rough stone on the back of the stone which is very dark and thus darkens the light green hue to a beautiful rich green.

Butterscotch Amber
The butterscotch coloured amber is due to air bubbles trapped in the amber. Up to 900,000 per square millimetre can be found in the white Amber.

Champagne Amber
This soft light coloured Amber is simply the very pale cognac coloured stone - see cognac Amber.